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When doors are more than just frames


The more modernized life gets, the busier people become and are caught up in the worry of money. As a result, true values are forgotten which also gradually fade away from time to time. Having rushed meals to save time? Spending on material luxuries? or seeing the drowning of cultural beauties and being replaced by the convenience advantages of technology 5.0? Regarding that matter, we have to mention the massive influence on the house designing process that now prioritizes convenience but forgets the balance in functionality and aesthetics. 

It's the windows - "eyes" of a house - to be more specific when the evaluation of a whole masterpiece depends on the perfection in each door frame. Nourishing a window frame helps to cultivate a soul: adapting to the new, the modern but still not losing the inherent quintessence. Thus, the design trend focus on inner emotion began to prevail again when the poetry in the window frame was utilized to drown out the drying angles of aluminum and glass. 

At Areus, that was no exception. Our aluminum and glass products not only bring absolute quality in performance but also ensure aesthetics. Any one of us can own our living space with such poetic door frames. Areus has been and will always contribute to improving the quality of life as well as spirituality for each customer.

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