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We strive for innovation to give you the unique, fresh lifestyle


Hectare total area of 3 factories


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Our Story

AREUS started as simply a location to showcase our production capabilities. Through our research, we realized there is a definite need for an experience-driven and customer-focused door & window shopping experience. With full intention to disrupt the current door & window sales process, AREUS is committed to providing a brand-new experience, streamlining the technical aspects and providing the best possible service at the same time.

Our Vision

At AREUS, we do not believe in boring door & window, each and every system should perfectly represent the people who inhabit the space specifically for their needs. More than just aesthetics and design, we want to help our clients create statements that will reflect their core values similarly to how our windows reflect ours.

Our Core Values



Originating from the desire to build a place to display all professional finishing products, AREUS Atelier was born with the expectation of becoming a showroom of top-notch aluminum and glass products, unique interiors, bringing unique products to customers. worthy experience for customers. 

AREUS was built with the mission to change the concept of aluminum and glass on the market before, not only the simple door and window frames but also the connection between building architecture and interior space. The interior creates a harmonious and unified beauty for the house. More than the aesthetics and design of the product, AREUS will always be committed to bringing a whole new experience with high quality of service.


At AREUS, each product must perfectly represent the people living in that space, specifically meeting their function and usage needs. Approaching ideas from an artistic perspective, the founding team of AREUS Atelier has been constantly searching for new breakthroughs. We cherish a single dream: It is the desire to change the rigid concepts, provide a solution that harmonizes architecture and interior. AREUS brings a high-class aesthetic to breathe life into aluminum, glass and interior technology.


With the idea of ​​completely dismantling the current perception of doors and windows, a completely new experience will be developed that streamlines the technical aspects and at the same time provides the best possible service. We aim to be the market leader by providing our customers with a new and innovative way to re-imagine construction products.


Quality includes more than just making a good product. Meeting all specifications and design requirements is just part of a long and ever-expanding list of ways to deliver exceptional results for our customers. The AREUS team seeks to provide the most cost-effective solution for our customers to ensure long-term satisfaction.


The AREUS team believes that there is no better way to give back to the community than by providing a platform for people who share our beliefs. In the hope of encouraging new and interesting ideas, we hope to promote and promote viral ideas that can yield meaningful responses. Through our promotions, we aim to offer our customers an even wider choice of products and services to enrich their home experience.

We optimize your idea of an ideal living space

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