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Originating from the desire to build a place to display all professional finishing products, AREUS Atelier was born with the expectation of becoming a showroom of top-notch aluminum and glass products, unique interiors, bringing to customers the best of both worlds. worthy experiences for customers.

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The AREUS team was inspired by the BIGBANG explosion when developing this product line. The blend of materials that make up all things after the BIGBANG explosion is similar to the combination of aluminum, glass, and silicone materials... creating works of art that have both usable value and aesthetic value. high. The door and window display system in the showroom called the NEBULA system (nebula before star formation) is a high-end product launched on the market, with the hope that it will be well received by customers and become the shining star of AREUS.

Sliding window(2-3 tracks)
Awning window
Casement door
Casement Window
Sliding door (2-3 tracks)
Folding sliding door

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