Polaris Villa - Aluminum & Glass in elevating a modern Neoclassical home

Address: Phu My Residence, district 7, HCMC
Polaris Villa has successfully demonstrated a Neoclassical architecture in harmonize with its tract housing neighborhood, yet delivers a distinctive taste.Polaris Villa makes the most out of the open design, which expands the eyesight, welcomes the light and brings natural beauty into the house. In order to do this, the architects have replaced the solid block walls with large glass panels and aluminum & glass door systems all around. By using high-class glass with insulation standard, Polaris Villa is always filled with pleasant light all day round.It can be said that, in a floor plan with only 1 ground floor and 2 upper floors, Polaris Villa is more than enough to be a house in harmony with the surrounding landscape, while keeps its distinctive Neoclassical modern style and a true home feel.
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