AREUS Bespoke

AREUS Bespoke is a small atelier collective that designs, produces local furniture inspired be European design & craftsmanship. We aspire to change the way Vietnamese view and appreciate furniture locally & to introduce Vietnam as a new design hub internationally. Each season, through collaborations with the community & other designers, we will introduce unique, in-house designed pieces of furniture.

When heaven and earth intertwine, night transforms into day, the traditional values seamlessly blend intro the contemporary continuous flow, that is Canh Ba.


Cantori is a synonym of quality, craftsmanship, utmost care for details ... all the requirements needed to guarantee a genuine, made in Italy product. In 1976 Sante Cantori started to make the most of the richly varied network of craftsmanship skills in the area of Camerano. In just a few years, the company achieved industrial development, acquiring large market shares in Italy and Worldwide.


MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design. MDF Italia was set up with a dynamic entrepreneurial and product strategy in mind and it has always focused on design and simplicity as core values in selecting projects and designers.