Folding sliding door

Folding door system combines design, comfort, and space efficiency with maximal transparency and aesthetics for an infinite view toward nature. The various possibilities to unfold numerous glass panes makes the borders between inside space and outside environment literally vanish, with a wide choice of opening types, both inward and outward. The folding principle of this high-quality system allows you to use the first leaf as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leaves. This extensive range of configurations offers a huge range of options and combinations for architects to work with. Nevertheless, the aluminum profile allows you to personalize your doors every finishing color surface, accessories, and locking devices, in order to perfectly match the architectural design concept.
Air tightness

≤ 12m3/h-m2, P= ±300Pa

Wind pressure

BS EN 12210:2016 ±2000Pa

Noise insulation

≥ 20dB

Water tightness

BS EN 12207:2016 350 Pa