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Wandering around Wínk hotel to discover the beauty of the illumination


Wínk Hotels - a part of the 10 hotels chain developed by Indochina Kajima, is a combination of modern functions and innovative designs, which also carries authentic Vietnamese spirit

Located in Nguyen Binh Khiem - District 1, Wínk offers a youthful look that is different from the other hotel architectures around the central area. 245 sets of vertical windows and aluminum sunshades, go along with unique patterns and diverse colors, Wínk helps itself stand out more in the heart of Saigon. The design at Wínk is synchronized from inside out striking with multi-colored ombre glass walls.

Wínk Hotel is famous with interesting features such as self check-in counters and the Food Carts area where guests could enjoy the most delicious local coffee.

Wínk has brought a fresh breeze to the hotel and restaurant industry in Vietnam by offering luxurious experiences at a reasonable price. With art-oriented interiors and decoration, Wínk opens up a whole new view of the city through wide large windows and connect the foreigns to the locals

Besides Wínk, you can also experience the beauty of light and doorway at Areus Atelier’s showroom. Don't hesitate to make a visit to No. 8, Le Ngo Cat, District 3 to witness those unique aluminum and glass experiences as well as creative works of art.

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