AREUS Atelier | Soft Opening

5:30 pm 31/12/2020

On 31/12/2020, Soft Opening was held at 8 Le Ngo Cat, W7, D3, HCMC with the participation of AREUS Atelier, BM Windows and customers in a cozy and intimate space.

AREUS started as simply a location to showcase our production capabilities. With full intention to disrupt the current door & window sales process, AREUS is committed to providing a brand-new experience, streamlining the technical aspects and providing the best possible service at the same time.

Soft Opening marks a new start in the field of finishing works in glass & aluminum and interior.60c2e239573f8d6dbfc74908_147241055_179572280620129_5578325827326216545_n60c2e239573f8db81ac7490a_148243011_179574243953266_1971503225933418242_n 

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