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AREUS launching an Invisidoor SD28

Combining aesthetic to architecture, SD28 sliding door erases the boundaries between the interior and exterior. AREUS Atelier offers an SD28 door system with mullion width design only 28mm and maximun leaf size up to 2.5m x 4.6m. In addiotion, a flexible glass thickness of 24-40mm not only optimizes viewing angles but also ensures safety for home users. Last but not least, this is the first door system in Vietnam using a modular track system, allowing unlimited installation with high load, suitable for all architectural design.


Beyond the technical limitations, the SD28 sliding door is to elevate Vietnam architecture, changing conventional notions of aluminum and glass. Streamlined but classy, disruptive but aesthetic, SD28 is an innovative design for the future.


To enjoy the latest aluminum and glass creations from AREUS Atelier, discover unique urban sketches from Urban Sketchers Vietnam, and participate in useful talkshow and workshops, register now: https://invisidoor.areus.vn/
The INVISIDOOR exhibition is held from 29/10 to 5/11, open freely every day from 10:00 - 20:00 at AREUS Atelier - 8 Le Ngo Cat, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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