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On June 17th - 18th, the exhibition event 'Introspection' was officially launched at AREUS Atelier - 8 Le Ngo Cat, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC. ‘Introspection' has given visitors a chance to experience Aluminum - Glass through a new dimension - much more authentic and soulful.

Introspection means to look back to the inner you, questioning and contemplating to finally settle with an outcome. At ‘Introspection' event, visitors will accompany AREUS Atelier step by step through the doors of space, frames of times… into your inner-self. Each door at the exhibition space represents each level of awareness one can have when they gradually review themselves, understand before developing towards the future.


Series NEBULA 2022

Doors are the stepping stones to take us through important transition in life. It's where new days begin; it opens up opportunities, leads you to success and also takes us back home.

A modern door is placed in the middle of a traditional market space, representing the this transition of time, which connects yesterday and today, before bringing us towards future.

At the exhibition space, the whole design is inspired by the Time & Space travel gateways. There, visitors are time travelers who go through each layer of doors to return to their inner space, where they introspect and find out the answers to their own authenticity. The installation connects the space together, makes the overall ground correlated and unified. From here, guests will have a chance to look at Aluminum & Glass in a different perspective. In addition to the door installation art, AREUS Atelier team also pays much attention to the lighting element in order to bring about a contrasting effect between the light and the shadow, the reflection in human beings.


To be used as the main component at Introspection exhibition, Nebula Series 2022 is a high class aluminum - glass door and window collection newly developed by BM Windows. Series Nebula 2022 not only leaves a strong impression with its innovative performance features, but also stands out by its delicacy. Nebula Series 2022 is aesthetic and consists customizable options for users to express their authenticity. A total of 06 doors and windows are installed continuously together with lighting to create a contrasting look between past & present, delicacy & sleek, space & time.

037A0264    037A0582

At Introspection exhibition, there are also other local artworks. Prominent among them is the art sculpture applying Kinetic technology from Like Design, performed by Hoang Tuan Anh. In this work, a series of transparent cylinders disperse shimmering light, moving continuously, smoothly and full of emotions, depicting the visualization of a multi-dimensional life that always goes on.



Not only that, the event also displays a special painting that will be 'co-created' by guests after experiencing the time gateway. This painting will be displayed for a long time at AREUS Atelier so that when the exhibition ends, guests can revisit the space and admire the inner thoughts that they have on the 'Introspection' journey.


037A1694    037A0683

Participatory artwork

AREUS Atelier has recently been known as a young collective pursuing many innovative and breakthrough ideas with the desire to change users' perspective on Aluminum - Glass. They spare a space at AREUS Atelier, specially designed for local art exhibitions, new technology presentations & experts’ talkshows.

Mr. Nguyen Tri Kien - Director of AREUS shared: “Introspection event is a way for us to tell our creative story. A lot of time was spent cultivating & contemplating before we can introduce a truly authentic product. For us, Aluminum - Glass is not rigid and boring at all. It actually connects deeply with users' life, time and space. Hopefully through ‘Introspection', visitors will be able to feel a much more meaningful perspective about doors - where we walk through everyday. I also hope that the Introspection event ends but the thoughts will continue in each person's contemplations'.


037A0810    037A0775

037A0853    037A0846

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