AREUS is trying to find a different defination, a different expression of aluminum and glass. And whether that expression is really artistic or not, it all depends on the perception of each person. And in my definition, “art” is termless!


AREUS, in my subjective opinion, is a showroom, a brand that is finding its own way to express, transmit, absorb and dissolve the so-called “art” into building materials of the construction industry: Aluminum and glass.


What do you expect from this article?


Product detail? Technical description? Specification? Outstanding feature? Fabrication process? Operation method? Or Installation method?


But will the above information be enough to dissolve the art into those materials?


Instead, I'm trying to tell you a story that I stumbled across: a story of AREUS Atelier and its adventures of dreams, desires and ambitions, with wildest ideas and painful catastrophic failures… and a journey to see art existing in metal.


It is told that, from primeval era, AREUS universe was just a pitch-black void. There was no thing that can measure its starting or ending point and no existence of any object. Suddenly, appearing in the middle of that space was ARTERO, a guy from where no one knew. He had been floating like an object for a while… (From “The Tale of Artero – AREUS Atelier”)

The Tale Of Artero


The video lasted about 3 minutes, is considered as “a silly and childish video”.


“How childish!” I thought to myself. That's right, we're often silly when we're young. And no one charge fee for a dream. When comparing Atero video to "highly effective" promotional videos on social platforms: Youtube or Facebook…, I suddenly realized that The tale of Artero is trying to convey a different experience and message:


It was from the very beginning that AREUS tried to observe glass and aluminum from the perspective of a living individual, by building for it… a universe to exist in, with planets, galaxy, light, darkness, space, time, etc. and even write a full plot to freely develop in the future. 
Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it became a foundation of inspiration for all of AREUS thinking & idea.


I have also put myself floating in that strange universe a few times for my designs. Like I said, we are often silly when we are young. And I'm young! My job is to create a new product display experience for visitors. Some of my renovation design ideas have been rejected many times with many objected opinions. One day, I come up with an idea of “Gateway through spacetime”, where visitor will be a traveler, going through each layer of doors, transmitting to a time or space of the inner self, looking for answers in his subconscious. 


The Introspection event is to introduce the new display space for the aluminum and glass products, Nebula Series, at AREUS. The night before launching the event date, I was so excited that I danced like a child around the new display area. It was a team achievement, and it was a memorable night. Meanwhile, the word "Nebula" means the formation of a new star, a metaphor for each person's creative and introspective process. Series Nebula is AREUS's persistence on the journey to bring products with "no compromise" quality. 

20220801 - Areus - Showroom 5
Product display - Series Nebula at AREUS


To be honest, the success of launching event is not only from the display space, but also from the design of the product profile, Series Nebula. The CD65 door profile was born with the ambition to be the main highlight for any home user. The design is simple, detailed, and especially shows the self-personalization and authenticity of the owner through the material strip. Fortunately, the Nebula Series in general and the CD65 in particular have been successful and accepted by customers.


Profile CD65 - Series Nebula


AREUS is trying to find a different definition, a different expression of aluminum and glass. And whether that expression is really artistic or not, it all depends on the perception of each person. And in my definition, “art” is timeless!


What I, as well as the AREUS team, are trying to do can only be compared to the faint light of a nameless shooting star soaring past and then disappearing in the endless and mysterious night sky of art. So is it…


Do not judge!


Feel… Enjoy… Think… Experience… with all your senses, so that art can reach every neuron in your brain, and you will realize what art really truly is… same as the way I perceived.


Trần Thanh Toàn 

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