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AREUS Atelier enters dialogue between culture and furniture



The collection is iconic right from the name: Chấm “From a single dot, pen stroke begins. 


From a simple touch, creation takes shape.” With the collaboration of AREUS Atelier and designer Huy H. Nguyen, Chấm Collection is considered as a declaration of the existence of a common language in culture, transcending time and form, blending in contemporary living space.


A meeting beyond time and form


Chấm Collection is a magical meeting between talented designer Huy H. Nguyen - who is informed by a passion for materials and local fabrication techniques. He is poised to deliver nuanced and functional solutions with a simple and direct design language. His design process consists of extensive periods of sketching and prototyping, meticulous work that allows him to create original and high-quality products. “Timeless narrative beyond function and form.” the designer shared.

Scene 01 - Overview (1)

Hoà Coffeetable is created upon the flexible silhouettes of ink inside of the ink slab. The table is a combination of different materials, demonstrating an eye-catching layering effect. Hoà Coffeetable shares its similarity with the culture flow, representing a spirit that shall not be diluted through time. 

Hoà coffeetable
Hồi armchair, Hồi sofa
Điểm daybed

“Whether in different forms, using modern materials, or in an experimental expression, there is still familiar quintessence hidden. This is the way culture communicates, non-verbal, full of understanding, continuously conveying. Chấm Collection, each design is streamlined, breakthrough of the contemporary flow.”, according to AREUS Atelier.


Contemporary look imbued with culture


Cultures change as life moves forward. But inside, its integrity defiantly remain intact.


With culture as the core value, even in different shapes, materials, or expressions, the observers can still recognize a familiar soul within objects. That’s the non-verbal way that culture communicates through generations.


Chấm Collection is created upon that spirit. 06 original furniture designs are inspired by the form of ink drops - a timeless symbol of Asian culture. Through the process of perceiving, reflecting, and expressing creatively based upon local touchpoints, Chấm Collection has gradually become an enriched yet fresh masterpiece for a contemporary living space.

Areus - Chấm collection 169

Each design is a unique artwork, under a delicate combination of materials: fabric, leather, wood, stone, metal, glass. “Chấm Collection is manufactured with a handcrafted ‘Bespoke’ process. The technique of shaping and sculpting the details is done exclusively by leading artisans. Each product is a material combination according to the taste of the owner.", said Mr. Toan Vuong, Factory Director of Boho Décor.



Set up in creative installation art with inpressive visual effects, 6 products – Hoà, Bằng, Hồi, Điểm, Phẩy become a the harmonic meet and greet of inherited culture & contemporary minimalism. The events is a multi-sensory feast of installation art, interactive motion 3D Mapping, live music and olfactory exhibition... bringing exciting experiences in a unique art space.


Products of Chấm Collection will be displayed at AREUS Atelier - 8 Le Ngo Cat, District 3, HCMC.
Contact AREUS Atelier  +84 (0) 28 3535 7890 | 0931707688 



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