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‘CANH BA’ EXHIBITION AT AREUS: A nostalgia sense of Asia in contemporary furniture design


On 29th and 30th of July, Canh Ba exhibition was successfully held at AREUS Atelier. The exhibition portrayed a magical transformation between the night and the new day of contemporary furniture design.

Canh Ba Collection marks a special collaboration between AREUS Atelier and BOHO Décor - a leading interior design, construction, and manufacturing company - in their mutual journey on promoting cultural identities & authentic creativity.

The collection is inspired by a very special moment of the day: Canh Ba - the midnight hours. It is the transition between the old and the new, the night and the day, the tradition and its continuous progress to transform into contemporary.


Canh Ba Exhibition slowly brought the attendees into a midsummer night’s dream of a Vietnamese designer who has lived in Italy for a long time, yet always preserves in his heart the memories from home. In his residences, Asian style is harmonized and infused in today's contemporary living space.

Giao Coffeetable


Canh Ba Collection consists of 6 particular furniture designs that are the perfect combination between the nostalgic beauty of Asian spirit, and the timeless simplicity existing in contemporary furniture. Through the launch, AREUS Atelier and BOHO Décor has brought them together with intriguing names: Tinh - Da - Tu - Nhat - Nguyet - Giao, meaning ‘the tranquil night thoughts when the old and the new intertwine’.

6-7-20221013 ( clone nhăn vải )a
 CANH BA Collection

Vu Hoang Phat - Lead designer of the collection shared: “Canh Ba was born as a way for me to proudly bring Vietnamese designs into any contemporary space, anywhere in the world. Canh Ba is delicate, harmonious yet unique in its own voice. It inherited the core values & conventionalized with distinguish factors to become an international collection.”

Canh Ba Exhibition was held by AREUS Atelier with a lot of attentions into details. Canh Ba was a full sensory experience with a voyeuristic sight, realistic touch, delicate smell, taste and soulful music. From here, the magical Canh Ba moment is portrayed poetically.

6-7-20221296 3


6-7-20221296 4

AREUS Bespoke has been well-known as a small atelier collective that specializes in designing and producing local furniture inspired by European design and craftsmanship. Their team aspires to change the way Vietnamese view and appreciate furniture locally and to introduce Vietnam as a new design hub internationally. Each season, through collaborations with the community and other designers, AREUS Atelier will introduce unique, in-house-designed pieces of furniture.

With the success of Canh Ba Collection, AREUS Atelier has once again endeared those who love authenticity, creativity and craftsmanship.

Canh Ba Collection will continue to be displayed at AREUS Atelier - 8 Le Ngo Cat, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City for private appointment.

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